Newsletter - September 2015

September 18, 2015

News Letter Sept 2015

Dear parents,

I would like to welcome you to the start of the new term and hope that you all had a lovely summer, not that we got to see much sun!!!

Healthy and Sustainable Pre-schools

As we are part of the Healthy & Sustainable Pre-school Scheme can I please remind everyone to ensure that you provide your children with healthy lunch boxes.

Illness and rashes

It is now a requirement for Infection Prevention and Control that we keep a record of all of the children’s illnesses, therefore could you please let us know when your child is unwell and what is the matter with them so that we can monitor the illness in the nursery.

If you notice that your child has a rash, could you please let us know as soon as possible and if known please inform us of what it is.

Nursery Supervisor

As of 1st September Miss Shelley has decided to step down as nursery supervisor and Miss Sheilagh will take over the role.  Miss Shelley will still be the leader in the baby section.

Children’s records

Please can you make sure that all of the records that we hold for your child are up to date, if you have moved address or changed your home or work phone numbers please remember to inform us.  Also, if your child has had any immunisations since you filled in the form can you please ensure that you ask us for it so that it can be updated.

Cake sale and lucky name stones

I would like to give a BIG thank everyone who bought cakes and the lucky name stones that your children made. We managed to raise £227.60 to go towards Mia’s ABA therapy and I think that all of the staff put on a few pounds too!!!!

Mud kitchen

Can I please remind you all that your children will be playing in the mud kitchen and that you need to make sure that they are wearing clothes that you do not mind them getting muddy and dirty.  It would be a good idea to leave a named pair of wellies here for your child to wear as we go out to play in all weathers.  If your child does not have a pair of wellies in nursery we would do our best to find a pair that fits them, however, this is not always possible. Therefore your child could end up playing in the mud in whatever shoes they have worn to nursery.


This half term our theme is Our Senses.  We will be doing many activities for the children to experience new tastes and smells, to feel and hear different things and to explore with a blindfold on.  We will also be doing craft work for our ongoing display and as always you can keep up to date with what we are doing through our AFL and white board.

Key workers

Please see the notice board to see who your child’s key worker is.

As always if you have any queries about anything then please do not hesitate to ask.


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